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Fun for the entire family! We have classes for toddlers through Adults!
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Ages 5+

Tumbling & Trampoline "TnT"

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Recreational Gymnastics

Co-ed (ages 5+) All Levels 1 hour & 2hrs
Our gymnastics classes are about so much more than cartwheels. Through gymnastics, our students are learning to control their bodies, growing physical skills that can help them excel in ANY sport, and building confidence to keep them steady no matter what life brings. And when they’re having fun on the trampolines, bars, beams, foam pits, and more, they don’t even realize they’re learning life lessons. No experience is necessary, so come on in and set your growing Star up for success- both in & out of the gym. 

TnT  "Tumbling & Trampoline"

Co-ed (ages 5+) All Levels 1 hour & 1.5hrs
In our classes, we teach trampoline safety, as well as correct landing & falling techniques. And we use step-by-step skill progressions to make sure that by the time your child flips, they’ve climbed the ladder for success. We want you to feel as confident as they do when they fly. No experience is necessary, so before letting your child go wild on their home trampoline, set them up for safety with our Tumbling & Trampoline classes.  

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Preschool Gymnastics

Ages 3-5

Busy Bee
Little Hero

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Preschool Gymnastics

Co-ed (ages 3-5) All Levels 55 minutes - 1.0hr
Ease into preschool-readiness with our preschool-age gymnastics classes. Your child will learn to follow instructions from a teacher, take turns, share, and pay attention to their surroundings & safety. We gently work on independence one hour at a time, with parents choosing stay or go depending on their child’s needs. And our educational activity circuits help build the focus & linear recognition necessary for reading-readiness. Come join us for Preschool Gymnastics and get a head-start toward school success.


Co-ed (ages 3.5-5) All Levels 2.5hrs
Physical activity and preschool age learning all in one class! We are proud of our developmentally appropriate curriculum designed by an early childhood education professional. Learn more.

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Parent Participation

Parent Participation/Supervision

Inchworm: crawling- walking
Honey Bee: walking- 3yrs
Family Fun Play: Ages 1-5 & 5-12

Parent Participation

Co-ed (crawling-walking)  35-60 minutes
Parent-Participation is where it's at! Parents love actively helping their kids learn to jump, climb, roll, and land safely. Share the memories of every step toward strength & confidence.

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Family Fun Play

Co-ed (ages 1-12)  60 minutes
Make your day at Family Fun Play. This is an open exploration class for ages 1-12. Our little athletes LOVE to bring their grown-ups out in the gym to watch up close as they strut their stuff. And Parents love actively participating with their child so they can share the memories of every step toward strength & confidence. 

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Ages 5+


Agility / Parkour

Co-ed (ages 7-17) All Levels 1 hour & 2 hrs
Join us for Agility! Students fly over obstacles and learn to flip with flair. Plus parkour is a gateway to school-readiness, developing concentration, confidence, and cross-training for team tryouts. Our gym culture is supportive and kind, and our patient, personal instruction helps build self-esteem strong enough to take on the world. So get ready, get set, and get flipping with Agility.
Not ready for Agility, try our Superhero or Little Hero class!

"'s awesome! You can find agility and gymnastics in every day life, it's all around us!" ~Mark C.

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Co-ed (ages 5-11) Beginner Levels learning Gymnastics, Tumbling, Trampoline, Agility and Super Hero coordination and strength all in one SUPER fun 1hr class!   
Be Sports Ready At Performance Athletics, our Superheroes are in a league of their own. Why should YOU sign up? It’s a great way to get a head start for playground & sports readiness. Obstacle courses build agility, games develop speed & focus, challenges grow mental & physical strength, & group activities teach teamwork. Set your growing superstar up to clear every hurdle in record time, with PA Superheroes. Call 805 547-1GYM (1496). Ages 3-5 can join our Little Hero preschool age program!

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Aerial Silks

Ages 5+

Caterpillar: beginner
Chrysalis: intermediate
Swallowtail: advanced

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Combo Classes

Trampoline & Agility/Parkour
Swing & Soar:
Aerial Silks & Trampoline
Bars & Bounce:
Bars & TnT


Co-ed (ages 5+) Beginner Levels 1hr
TrickZone is Trampoline & Agility/Parkour all in one! Get the best of both your favorites classes.
Want to learn to flip? We start with the basics, and then fly ever-higher, using safe skill progressions for successful learning. 

Swing & Soar

Co-ed (ages 5+) Beginner Levels 1hr
Swing & Soar is every kid’s dream! They get to build upper body & core strength as they swing on the aerial silks, and soaring on the trampoline hones their leg strength & air sense. And the best part is they don’t even realize they’re working hard because it’s FUN! No experience is necessary, and all skills are taught with progressions for safety & success. So come fly with us at Swing & Soar!

Bars & Bounce

Co-ed (ages 5+) Beginner/Intermediate Levels 1hr
Build whole-body strength swinging on bars and bouncing on trampolines! So much fun you don’t even notice it’s a workout! Plus you learn trampoline & skill safety for home practice.  


Ages 4+


NGA Girls

Adult Classes

Ages 18+

Gymnastics & Parkour: Thursdays 6:30pm
Open Gym: Thursdays 6:30pm
Aerial Silks: 4wk series begins 7/16
Aerobic Exercise: Class Schedule
Senior Fitness & Fall Prevention

Coming Soon: Child supervision during select aerobics classes.


All ages

We offer a variety of our class programs on Saturdays running in sets of six, as compared to our four-week long weekday sessions.

Saturday Six-Pack

Co-ed (all ages) Beginner/Intermediate Levels 1hr-1.5hrs
Why sign up? Keep reading for 3 ways our six-pack is perfect for YOU!
1. Our six weeks on- two weeks off format means you get scheduled Saturdays off without having to worry about makeups or losing your spot.
2. Our Saturday classes are typically from morning to early afternoon so you can get on with the rest of your day.
3. If you need to come or go in the middle of a six-pack, we simply prorate for you!

Private Lessons

These are great options for students who have a specific target skill, need individually-tailored instruction, require a special learning style, want a less busy class, or have limited availability. Our One-on-one options can be tailored specifically to your schedule and learning needs. Call (805) 547-1GYM (1496) for information & reservations.     

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